Clients & Partners Solution

Password-Free Access For Clients & Partners - Take B2B Collaboration To The Next Level

Accessing The Organization From The Outside

Accessing The Organization From The Outside
Deliver Access Convenience Without Compromising Your Security

Deliver Access Convenience
Without Compromising Your Security

Collaborate with your partners, suppliers and customers by allowing them access to only the services you choose, using their own corporate identity. Build on top of Cloud SSO industry standards such as SAML and OpenID Connect, for integration in a matter of minutes.

Frictionless User Experience

End-users at the partner site who wish to access your services need authenticate only once, experiencing the convenience of smoother, faster logins. They simply click on the service provider link from their own company’s Web portal and they are transferred to your service provider’s site.

Friction-Less User Experience
On-Boarding Your B2B Application is Also Our Business

On-Boarding Your B2B Application
Is Also Our Business

We've drastically reduced the time-to-market and total cost of ownership for onboarding business applications and commercial-off-the-shelf software. The way we deliver this is through automation: most of the manual implementation tasks usually carried out by expensive consultants are automated end-to-end through our platform.

Selectively Expose Your Data & Services
To Partners, Suppliers And Customers

Collaborate securely with other businesses beyond your organization's boundaries without concerns over data loss or accidental exposure. You decide when and what they can see and do.

Selectively Your Expose Data & Services to Partners, Suppliers and Customers