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IAM for Banking and Financial Services

Providing custom solutions to improve
security, compliance and efficiency

JOSSO EE is customizable for the finance industry's complex environments, offering password-free access to the e-Banking ecosystem to increase customer satisfaction without sacrificing security. Enforces security patterns and policies, facilitating compliance while improving security to minimize the risk of breach.

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Solution Highlights for Financial Services

IAM Improves Banking Customer Experiences

Eastern Bank wanted to provide their helpdesk personnel with registration and password-free access to a business-critical solution for managing electronic payment transactions disputes, exceptions and adjustments. This posed a challenge, as...

IAM for e-Banking

Union Investment required secure access and streamlined procedures for millions of e-Banking customers & thousands of employees, across both intranet and internet-facing portals and websites. User and entitlement records were scattered throughout...

Mixed On-Premise and Cloud SSO

Xoom needed a secure single sign-on system that would work across the enterprise and beyond, supporting SSO for their business partners as well as their employees. In order to provide employees with secure, password-free access to various cloud...

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