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Cost and Time Effective Identity and Access Management

Identity Solutions Powering Your Business

Identity Solutions Powering Your Business
Improving Workforce Productivity And Lower Helpdesk Costs

Improve Workforce Productivity
and Lower Helpdesk Costs

By enabling your workforce to use just one password and make only one login attempt to access their cloud and on-premise applications, they are freed from having to remember multiple passwords and dealing with repeated login prompts.

They also no longer experience downtime while waiting for password resets or recovery from the Help Desk. The time-savings involved leads to improved productivity and the easy authentication creates happier employees.

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Fueling Consumer Experiences with Identity

Businesses that connect customers directly to the products and services they want without an intermediate customer service or sales representative are delivering the efficient, self-directed experiences customers have come to expect in the digital world.

As customers choose to do more on their own, customer identity management solutions can help businesses retain a friendly touch by facilitating meaningful, personalized connections.

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Fueling Consumer Experiences With Identity
Colaborate Seamlessly and Securely With Your Partners

Collaborate Seamlessly and Securely
with Your Partners

When dealing with internal organizations, there is some expectation that a uniform management model might be obtainable. However, when multiple business partners are added to the equation, it begins to seem unachievable.

Standards-based Federated Identity provides a mechanism for overcoming these barriers by providing a way for organizations to make use of the identity assertions from other trusted identity systems when a user accesses an application that is outside his/her security domain.

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Top-notch Identity Stack
for Your Product or Service

Software product developers are expected to provide solutions for increasingly complex requirements, spanning a growing number of interconnected technical and business domains. One such domain is identity and access management (IAM), which is typically implemented in business applications from the ground up with little or no leveraging of available tools.

Instead of "reinventing the wheel" you can leverage our Atricore platform for powering your product or service with top notch Identity and Access Management technology, enabling you to deliver earlier and with drastically lower TCO.

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Selectively Your Expose Data & Services to Partners, Suppliers and Customers